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El Oficio Magazine

El Oficio Magazine

Issue 10 / December, 2021


"Orlando Inclán, Anadis González, Fernando Martirena, Darién Sánchez, Jorge Rodríguez Diez, and Marcos Trueba are some of the names that come to light at different times and in different ways, and the reader will tell us if we take the wrong route by betting on what each one has been doing in recent years. 


Also, indispensable have been Alejandra Pino and Nguyen Rodríguez, who with their insightful advice as experienced editors have raised the rigor of this issue.


For the cover, we thought of a visual artist whose work relates the values of architecture and design and even relativizes the hypothetical domains of their respective languages. Humberto Díaz, with his patience, humility, and human quality, agreed to be part of this company. He opened the doors of his house, his studio, and his life to us (literally) without objection. "




Featured articles in this issue (Selection):


-Entrevista a Humberto Díaz:


-El Hub de compartir, cuatro libertades fundamentales para un mundo posible:

-Entrevista a Marcos Trueba:

-Ambos lados del cachumbambé:

-Casa Torre de Albor Arquitectos:

-La Colección Rice


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