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Ups! News Presentation  

Estudio Carlos Garaicoa

November 24, 2023 




On November 24, the art collective Ups! presented their work, “Ups! News,” at Carlos Garaicoa Estudio in Madrid.

“Ups! News” is a publication resembling a newspaper where the art collective gathers a significant portion of their artistic work. You can acquire the physical newspaper through the art collective in Madrid or digitally in the link above.

Ups! Statement:

Ups! is a visual arts collective based in Havana and Madrid. We operate within the realms of fiction, irony, and entertainment to discern gaps within the intersections of life and art. Our objective is to inhabit these gaps, making them evident for others to assess independently.

Ups! News Statement:

Ups!News is a distinctive document presented in the form of a newspaper, showcasing the entirety of the collective's work throughout our inaugural year of activity. It serves as a self-historicization tool for Ups!, allowing us to engage in self-critique and articulate our ideology concerning art. Leveraging utopia, humor, and speculation, it delves into pivotal themes within Ups!, such as post-truth, the role of art, and the interplay of visual arts with other disciplines.


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