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Hay alguna explicación inocente? (Is There any Innocent Explanation?)

María Porto Gallery, Madrid, Spain

February 9 - March 14, 2023



(...) Lorena's work has been strengthening like the paint that adheres to the canvas; she has managed to touch power with the tip of her fingers; she has questioned the society, culture, and politics of her time, and has mocked the pamphlet. Today, the visual artist is known for her work, which explores themes related to power, social structures, and the individual's ability to manipulate. Through a variety of mediums such as painting, sculpture, installation, environment, and site-specific, she addresses complex issues around the jaws of power, fashion, its polarizing remnants, and society. Along with this, she carries that suggestive curiosity that makes us stop questioning our intimate relationships with these structures. She often uses symbols and metaphors to represent different forms of power and control. One of the most interesting features of her work is her ability to challenge our assumptions about who really dominates us and where each one of us is placed. Seventeen works make up the four series in which the question is posed: Is there any innocent explanation? They constitute a turning point that the artist dissects and puts on the table today to challenge us, to almost force us to critically observe how the threads are moved in this deep forest where we cannot see our own faces. (...)


Yudinela Ortega



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