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El Oficio Magazine

First Printed Edition. Issue 09 / June, 2021

Presented at Utopia126 during Les Festes de La Mercè

September 23-26, 2021


El Oficio magazine was founded in Havana in 2015 as a digital magazine of literature and art, with the purpose of developing and promoting independent cultural initiatives that contribute values to society. Today, El Oficio has a network of important professionals and a remarkable trajectory within the city's cultural alternative movement.


The multidisciplinary event Utopía-Habana was born on the occasion of the celebration of Les Festes de La Mercè of 2021, where Havana was a guest city.  Placed in Barcelona from September 23 to 26, 2021, the main objective of this event was to show the most significant contemporary Cuban art, including cinema, music, dance, and visual arts. Therefore, the Cuban art magazine El Oficio was invited, as it is the main publication in Cuba today exclusively dedicated to contemporary visual arts with an international focus. 

This was the first time an issue of the magazine got printed. 

Featured articles in this issue:


- Cuban art is a work in progress (Interview with Alexandre Arrechea) Cover.  By: Jorge Peré 


- Adrián Melis in the land of plenty.

By: Aurora Carmenate Díaz

- Diango Hernández: The physical or imaginary return and the value of memory. (Interview) By: Dayron Martínez 


- The art of the necessary.  By: Dentro del juego (Visual Arts Collective Project) 


- The confinement of Felix Gonzalez-Torres. By: Iván de la Nuez 


- José Bedia, art from the contours of the diaspora.   By: Joan Fellove Marín 


- Havana on the Hudson. On Cuban artists in northern lands.  By: Meyquen Barreto 


- 5 Cuban Diaspora Artists under 40 years of age Editorial Board

- International galleries that represent Cuban artists Editorial Board

- Silent Specific invades the city Noticia. Editorial staff 


- Tania Bruguera, lumbung and the Kassel documenta News. Editorial office 


- Wilfredo Prieto's Fake News Noticia. Editorial office 


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