The artist himself calls this work “a provocation to fly, an invitation [for Cubans] to the magic of moving beyond the limit of the waters of the island, to realize their own dreams in a symbol of success— the American limousine as an object of worship and idolatry, a sex symbol, a symbol of power.”


Auto Sculpture Voyages from Havana to Venice: Cuban Artist Esterio Segura’s Sculpture “Hybrid of Chrysler” is Exhibited at the 57th Venice Biennale.

“Hybrid of Chrysler,” a 2016 sculpture by Cuban artist Esterio Segura, is now on view at the prestigious 57th Venice Biennale art fair. It is among the work of fifteen Cuban artists included in the fair’s Cuba Pavilion, at the Palazzo Loredan, Campo Santo Stefano, San Marco. Comprising sculpted airplane wings and a genuine 1953 Chrysler limousine, the sculpture was shipped by sea —in parts, from both Havana and Tampa— to the Biennale with the sponsorship of the Tampa-based Cuban Arts Group and the logistics management of Art Engineering.


Born in Santiago de Cuba in 1970, and known for works that combine poetry with imaginative power, Esterio Segura has shown in the U.S., Europe, and South America, in addition to Cuba. "Hybrid of Chrysler" has been described as expressing “the beauty of the resistance” and “excessive creativity,” making imaginative use of the minimal resources available on an Island whose streets are traveled by almendrones—the vintage American automobiles that serve as taxis.

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