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Panel Discussion: Cuba’s Social and Cultural Life, and Book Sign

Harn Museum of Art

March 17, 2019 




A discussion inspired by the work of Cuban artist Pedro Pablo Oliva, whose fantastical and provocative paintings and sculptures address multiple aspects of Cuban life during the last half-century, from utopian zeal and delusions to power politics, moral contradictions, social turmoil, migratory crisis or the figure of Communist revolutionary Fidel Castro, among others.

Panelists included David Horta, Curator, and specialist on Oliva’s work; Lillian Guerra, UF Professor of Cuban & Caribbean History; Raul Villarreal, Visual Artist-Author and Coordinator for Cultural Programs, Santa Fe College; and Daniel J. Fernández Guevara, UF Ph.D. Candidate, Latin American History. 


A book signing with artist Pedro Pablo Oliva followed.




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