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Liset Castillo

Liset Castillo

b. Camagüey, Cuba, 1974; resides in Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Spectrum 1, From the Series “Spectrum: Order / Disorder”


16 powder pigment on translucent PdMA


Liset Castillo graduated from the art schools in Camagüey and the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in Havana and is the recipient of numerous prestigious scholarships and artist residencies. She has been constructing complex multi-media models examining concepts of impermanence, chaos and order, creation, and destruction for over twenty years.


The Spectrum: Order/Disorder series presents plexiglass installations containing powder pigments. Castillo draws parallels between the relationship of the ‘spectrum’ of colors as a condition limited to a specific set of values, and the spectrum of colors that can be varied or presented in an infinite variation.


Inspired by the Cuban politics of “one state-one party ideology,” these works offer the possibility of change and freedom of choice through the happenstance arrangement of the color strips. The volatile state of the material is analogous to the volatile state of contemporary ideologies.

*This piece was included in the exhibition section titled "The Language of Forms and The Forms of Language."

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