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Late Studio Society, Madrid, Spain

February 24 - March 10, 2023



With degli Abati, the concept of paradiso (paradise) seems to be symbolically ended; however, with Ferrari or Lezama Lima, this word takes a radical distance from itself, is erased and repopulated. With the first solo exhibition of the Balada Tropical collective in Madrid, which coincides with the opening of Late studio-society, the aim is also to give new meaning to an increasingly unusual and familiar term that names the exhibition: Tierras (Lands).


As a whole, the plurality of Tierras is based on the assemblage of objects that identify relations of conduction or isolation with the present, while at the same time warning of a temporal and non-geographical vision of space. Understanding the construction of the present, in its multiple levels of reality and realization, as part of a memory technology, of a stratified virtual atmosphere. In this sense, to produce is to bury, and to bury is to magnetize and lead to encounter and communication. In a global context where transparency and concealment are synonymous, the reiteration of the grounding rod in space, through walls and objects, aspires to stabilize and neutralize the negative pole (according to technical language), the signals about the present and what is to come. Therefore, they perceive themselves and the assemblies where it is settled as territories where this stabilization takes place.


In line with Quentin Meillassoux, this emphasis on the contingency of language leads to the obsolescence of the idea of the future.


Ana Lourdes



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