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On the web since November 15, 2020

Silent-Specific is a group exhibition that involves more than sixty Cuban artists settled inside and outside of Cuba, and that takes place on the show's Instagram profile (@silent_specific) and on the website


From the beginning, Silent was born from a sound adjustment of the much-used term “site specific”, replacing site with an absence of work in situ, a kind of mute cry or “silent gesture” given the impossibility of installing the works in the real space.  We were then motivated to parody the term to which it referred, inviting to generate “public interventions from the virtual”.  In this paradoxical intention, the forms of location, discourse and immersion were established from a distance of time and space.

For the project, artists had to rethink and question the city of Havana and its surroundings, but in an unconventional way. The call involved working with the dramaturgy of the city, its accidents and historical subterfuges from virtual interventions that expressed all kinds of aspirations, disagreements and utopias of a city that is rapidly fading.


In this way, they were given the opportunity to select an ideal creation site and work on an image of it, -whether they were corners, streets, sidewalks, monuments,nooks, facades-, to devise pieces that would later be recreated thanks to the  utilization of visual effects and 3D recreation technology.

We wanted to reconsider what virtual platforms (and Instagram as a headquarter for enunciation) represent in the transnational condition of Cuban art and its new online redoubts.  The counterpoint with the medial space as mediator, then became a metaphor for the common public area, vindicating the notions that distinguish the installation "in situ".


Rene Francisco Rodriguez and Dayneris Brito



Featured artists:

Alejandro Campins, Alejandro González, Alexander Guerra, Alexandre Arrechea, Alexis Esquivel, Amanda Alonso, Ángel Ricardo Ríos, Belkis Ayón, Carlos Garaicoa, Cristian Cuevas, Dagoberto Rodríguez, Dania González Sanabria,  David Sardiñas, Dayana Trigo, David Beltrán, Duvier Del Dago, Elio Macho, Esterio Segura, Fernando Rodríguez, Fidel Castro Cabello, Fidel García (T10), Gertrudis Rivalta, Glenda León, Glexis Novoa, Humberto Díaz, Ibrahim Miranda, Infraestudio, Inti Hernández, James Bonachea, Javier Castro, Jenny Brito, Jenny Feal, Jesús Hernandez Güero Jorge & Larry, Jorge Luis Marrero, José Bedia, Jose Manuel Mesias, Jose Miguel Costa, Juan Carlos Alom, Juan Miguel Pozo, Leandro Feal, Lidzie Alvisa, Marta María Pérez Bravo, Michel Pérez Pollo, Mr. Myl, Nelson Barrera, Nicolás Lara, Nilo Mc, Omar Moreno, Osvaldo González, Pedro Vizcaino, Raul Cordero, Raychel Carrión, Reinier Nande, René Peña, Reynerio Tamayo, Reynier Leyva Novo, Rocío García, Sandra Ramos, Tony Labat, Victor Piverno, Yami Socarrás, Yornel Martínez, Wilfredo Prieto, Beverly Mojena. 


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