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Isolation | Aislamiento

Art Code Space

July 10, 2020 - September 6, 2020


The project, called Aislamiento (Isolation), explores the concept it evokes. It refers to its etymological origin; he goes through its identity interpretations, the so-called defense, control, communication, introspection, and mental state mechanisms; and approaches it as the new policy of social interaction that it is today, facing the new challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. And although it might sound tautological, it was necessary to notice the essence of the word isolation and its origin (isolate, island) to recognize ourselves in it and to be able to speak about the phenomenon from the very condition of the Island that embraced us from the cradle. But its impact on society has mutated. The current confinement has also become the most important biopolitical control mechanism developed by governments to control the spread of the pandemic, and also the so-called "soft prison" or personal home. 

Our island status has inevitably changed as has also been modified for those living in continents. (...) In a few months, we have gone from being a written society to a cyber-oral society, from an organic society to a digital society, from an industrial economy to an immaterial economy, from a form of disciplinary and architectural control to forms of media-cybernetic control. (...) In the exhibition, there are recent pieces that focus on the immediacy of the circumstances, as well as others that were anticipatory of the moment... most about life, death, time, relationships, social distance, uncertainty, data control, surveillance, bio-immunity, loneliness ... the island, and with it, isolation. 

Ariadna Rivero and Claudia Taboada



Featured artists:
Rubén Alpízar, Alejandra Glez, Glauber Ballestero, Consuelo Castañeda, Eloy Costa, Grey Cruz, Humberto Díaz, Diana Fonseca, Marlys Fuego, Lorena Gutiérrez, Glenda León, Osmeivy Ortega, Rodolfo Peraza, Iván Perera, Wilfredo Prieto, Lisandra Ramírez, Héctor Remedios, Linet Sánchez, Marwin Sánchez. 




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