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A Long Hug

Espacio Copiloto, Carabanchel, Madrid. PhotoEspaña

June 2, 2023 - June 20, 2023



In the works of Alicia Rodriguez Alvisa (Havana, Cuba, 1995), the voice of the body takes a path that separates her from a whole tradition of self-referentiality and research into the female habitat that precedes her. She recognizes herself and takes care not to reproduce herself. The strong woman in complexion and attitude, the resistant woman, the survivor; the dual woman who complements herself in irrational and rational, exterior and interior, motivated and resigned; the resilient woman who survives on the margins of embrace.


The exhibition takes photography primarily as a document of the times, to think about the horror of the reflexes, the fear, the loneliness... of a very intimate and lonely experiencing. Emotions that make us who we are and that are tanning our passage through this way in which those fears are not worth those fears. A Long Hug is a consensual story - which could be any of ours - to brave the broken glass and go beyond the limits imposed by insecurity, lack of love and hiding. Sometimes we rehearse life to avoid acknowledging all that we are: our selves, our egos and alter egos. Photography, video and performance are the bridges that invite us to cross the battlefield of the subjective duality of a reservoir that allows us to BE AND TO BE among the reflections, complexes and prejudices that society has left us.


How we see ourselves and how others see us, the transparencies hidden by modesty, the dialog with the inner self, conscious or unconscious, are presented by the two Alicias. They rediscover us, rescued by that essential body in which the wound heals, this time with a great embrace.


Yudinela Ortega






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