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Cuban Ingenuity. The Artistry of the Everyday Inventor

Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention 

March 9 - December 31, 2019





With this exhibit, it is our sincere desire to pay tribute to the bravery and intelligence of the Cuban people. Bravery in facing circumstances from difficult to dire. And intelligence in crafting endless ingenious ways to meet and overcome the challenges of those circumstances.


All objects in the exhibition were part of everyday lives of ordinary Cubans. They were acquired in situ, directly from the people who invented or used them. In many cases, we gave the owners new replacement tools or items in trade for what they allowed us to collect for this exhibit.

The exhibit is accompanied by video that reveals the beauty of Cuba – from the beaches to the countryside to the architecture of the cities. The music and language in the documentary convey the tempo/rhythm of Cuba’s people and its streets. The documentary allows the viewer a glimpse of the context of these objects in use.


While we focus on recognizing the grit of Cubans in facing reality, we also wish to recognize their dreams and hopes. The yearning to fly and the urge to cross the borders of the island are referred to in the four images of the logo – the ship, the submarine, the airplane, and the hot air balloon.


We are pleased to complement the Cuban Ingenuity exhibit with art, the sculpture Hybrid of a Chrysler (2016) by Esterio Segura. The vintage car with wings is a symbol of the dreams to break free from the confines of an island, and a salute to the creativity and ingenuity of the people of Cuba.


The curatorial team

Gabriela Azcuy / Anne Gilroy / Jorge Lavoy






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