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Coro de Cristales

René Francisco Studio, Carabanchel, Madrid

February 21, 2022 - March 20, 2022


Today, happily, we open the Local René Francisco Rodríguez with the group show Coro de cristales, an exhibition that brings together a total of sixteen Cuban and Spanish artists, almost all of whom live in the Community of Madrid. Coro de cristales, as its title suggests, is a choir of unequal and contrasting voices that are united and made transparent by the strength and versatility of art. It is, in any case, an opportunity to share the same center of dialogue and meeting point with recognized agents of the Cuban and Madrid art scene. Coro.... takes conflict and its different itineraries as its starting point. 


Thus, the aesthetics gathered here cover - implicitly and explicitly - themes related to the changes generated by social, demographic, and historical conflicts, as well as the political battle, destruction, mental or physical amputations, militancy, skepticism, antagonism, archaeological remains, and traces, the fragmented object, frustration, banality, the loss of the referent, the search for power, egocentrism, the document, the sublimation of the monument, etc...


Dayneris Brito & Luis Sicre Curators



Featured artists:

Carlos Aires/ Paula Anta / Alexandre Arrechea / Alejandro Campins / Carlos Garaicoa / Lorena Gutiérrez / Rosell Meseguer/ Che Marchesi / José Manuel Mesías / Michel Pérez Pollo/ Dagoberto Rodríguez / René Francisco Rodríguez / Esterio Segura / Elisa Terroba / Josep Tornero / José E. Yaque




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