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Brownstone Foundation

May 14, 2022 - June 1, 2022



The pieces from the project Émigrants function as a collection of dreams of people we will never meet, but with whom we can empathize, given the universal nature of human aspirations. Some of the cars used in the project belonged to children who left Cuba as part of the Peter Pan operation, one of the most complex moments in the island's history, whose aftermath still survives in the popular sensibility. Others correspond to the period of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Both are related to the same idea: the narration of the end of an era narrated from the universe of objects. As part of this, the drawings in this project function as dissections halfway between poetic and scientific language, which develop and amplify the ideas that are addressed in the sculptures. The Émigrants tell the story of a country, of its dreams, fears, and frustrations. The cars constitute the visual representation of an unattainable utopia. 

Gabriela Azcuy and Gabriela Rey







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