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Hybrid of a Chrysler

57th Venice Biennale. Cuban Pavilion. Palazzo Loredan

June - July 2017



Going fast and far —those are the promises of automation and aviation. By combining sculpted airplane wings and a genuine 1953 Chrysler limousine, “Hybrid of Chrysler” (2016) draws on both types of energy to embody a potent symbol of a Cuba that has never stopped dreaming.

Shipped by the sea in parts, from both Havana and Tampa to the 57th Venice Biennale, “Hybrid of Chrysler” represents a provocation to fly, an invitation to the liberating journey beyond the confines of an island. It presents an imaginative opportunity for viewers to realize their own dreams by way of a traditional symbol of success— the American limousine.

Moreover, the sculpture reflects the strength and beauty that underlies the ongoing resistance of the Cuban people— by demonstrating their enduring creativity and ability to innovate with minimal resources. Yet beyond the work’s origin, “Hybrid of Chrysler” represents in a global setting the eternal romance between humanity and machinery, expressing our perpetual hope of seeking knowledge widely, moving and living freely, and communicating openly in the pursuit of our highest goals.


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